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Accountability Advocates Organization is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit human rights organization concerned with legal and humanitarian affairs, consisting of a group of volunteer lawyers with the aim of monitoring and documenting human rights violations, raising the voices of victims, empowering them legally and building a Syrian human rights memory as a basis for accountability and fairness.

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About Us

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About Us


  • 01 Our Vision

    A Syrian society free of violations, free and liberated, where law and justice prevail and whose members enjoy basic rights and freedoms, through the consolidation and consolidation of a culture of human rights, a society whose systems are consistent with international laws, principles and standards, by deepening the knowledge and experiences of wide sectors of jurists and researchers at the local and regional levels and enriching their knowledge of the law. International humanitarian law and human rights law

  • “We document, support, influence, and disseminate the principles of international humanitarian law and human rights law, to be a voice for the victims of human rights violations, war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed by all parties to the conflict in the regions of northern Syria.”

  • Human rights: We believe in the importance of human rights for all individuals without discrimination, and we consider them a fundamental value in all aspects of our work, and we respect the diversity of the religious, intellectual, cultural and social components of society. Peaceful: We call for justice for victims of human rights violations through peaceful and legal means, and we seek to achieve justice through relevant institutions, and we believe in the importance of resolving conflicts in peaceful ways to ensure stability and peace in the region. Professionalism: We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in our work, and we deliver it in an elaborate and professional manner to ensure accountability and justice are achieved by respecting the principles of human rights and international humanitarian law, in order to achieve justice and justice for the victims. 1m

  • Consolidating the principle of the rule of law, and enhancing the preservation and respect for human rights in the territories of northern and northeastern Syria.  Monitoring and documenting individual and collective human rights violations in northern and northeastern Syria and following them up, with the aim of putting an end to these violations and crimes by raising awareness of their dangers and effects, and working to bring the perpetrators of these violations and crimes before the local or international judiciary.  The “Accountability Advocates Organization” prepares research, studies and legal interventions related to the human rights situation in northern and northeastern Syria based on international humanitarian law and international human rights law.  The Accountability Advocates Organization works to organize local campaigns on human rights issues and violations and contribute to raising awareness of human rights issues and international laws through legal seminars and human rights workshops.  The Accountability Advocates Organization, in cooperation with civil society organizations and relevant self-administration bodies in northern and northeastern Syria, is working to integrate international human rights standards into local laws, legislation and policies.  Contributing to the search for missing persons in coordination with all concerned parties to achieve justice and legal accountability.  Defending the rights of women and children in the regions of northern and northeastern Syria.  Follow up on cases of seizure of indigenous property in the occupied areas and document crimes of demographic change.  Contributing to creating an environment conducive to understanding with local and international institutions to provide justice and empower the families of missing persons legally and socially to know their fate.  Preparing legal files on the serious violations committed by all parties to the conflict in northern and northeastern Syria to be presented to the local and international judiciary


Accountability advocate programs

Legal protection and support

The organization's Protection and Legal Support Unit is concerned with providing legal support and advice to victims of enforced disappearances and human rights violations and providing the necessary legal protection for women and children who suffer from the effects of wars and armed conflicts, in addition to legal activities and workshops at the local level.

Monitoring of trials:

The Trial Monitoring Program reflects the Accountability Advocates Organization's commitment to achieving justice and securing human rights by providing specialized legal assistance to local trials and following up on their procedures in accordance with the legal principles of human rights principles to ensure justice and justice for victims.

Investigations and building legal files

The program conducts private investigations and turns investigations carried out by human rights organizations into legal files capable of filing lawsuits with the aim of achieving justice and redress for victims.

Legal clinic

The Legal Clinic Program aims to provide legal counseling services through: Providing free legal aid to citizens and coordinating with the Bar Association and various legal institutions to enhance the culture of scientific research through the completion of scientific research and studies in the field of legal sciences and the preparation and publication of legal articles and research.

Dispute Resolution Program - Jury Training - Development of Arbitration Principles

We are interested in supporting and training social reconciliation committees in the region to enhance their knowledge of resolving disputes and enhancing the skills of juries. Our program also specializes in developing arbitration principles for arbitrators. We believe that enhancing their understanding of these alternative dispute resolution methods can contribute to achieving justice and reducing pressure on the courts, through a customized training program.

Accountability advocate

Accountability Advocates Organization is a human rights, independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization concerned with legal and humanitarian affairs. It consists of a group of volunteer lawyers with the aim of exposing human rights violations, raising the voices of victims, empowering them legally and building a Syrian human rights memory as a basis for accountability and fairness in addition to monitoring Local authorities implement their obligations with regard to human rights through ratified agreements and push forward towards the ratification of other human rights conventions. The organization also seeks to promote a culture of human rights, accountability and accountability through legal frameworks. It also includes a legal library and a specialized legal clinic that provides free services to citizens and For researchers and the public interested in the field of international law and human rights


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حملة ((حكايا ))مستمرة من قبل منظمة دعاة المساءلة في جلستها الثانية

The “Hakaya” campaign is ongoing by the Accountability Advocates Organization in its second session

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حملة (( حكايا ))في الحسكة من قبل منظمة دعاة المساءلة

Hakaya campaign in Al-Hasakah by the Accountability Advocates Organization

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        • Follow Up On The Procedures For Coducting Trials
        • Legal clinic coordinator
        • Coordinator of the dispute resolution program - training juries - developing arbitration principles


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